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Benedict Cumberbatch in the studio for The Imitation Game.

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Photographic evidence that I am in-fact being stalked by Benedict Cumberbatch. He must be stopped…

This is a screen-cap from tonight’s Channel 4 documentary starring James Rhodes (in centre of picture) and a rogue me turns up!! Thanks to @a_shibs for the cap & the captions XD

He’s at it again!! ;D

Because hats.

Laughing for the next 50 years

Because hats.

Laughing for the next 50 years


As some people had asked here’s the full article from yesterday’s Times on the Stand up to Cancer campaign which Benedict has been photographed for.

I’ve also included all the images in case people are interested (hello Tom Hardy!)

Photos by Greg Williams.

When the photographer Greg Williams took these pictures, he was looking for one thing: urgency. Gillian Anderson flung off her heels and ran barefoot along the pavement; Idris Elba bolted down a London street; Steve Coogan leapt over a hedge. It was all in aid of the Stand Up To Cancer campaign, which launches this autumn.

Williams lost his mother to ovarian cancer in 2008, after three relapses that spanned 19 years. For this project he asked his subjects to sprint towards him “as fast as they can, as if trying to save a life”.

The first person Williams enlisted was his good friend, the actor Tom Hardy, who charged down the road near his house in a dressing gown and boxer shorts. The idea was that, “He could have just been making his breakfast at home and then suddenly it’s this mad call to arms. He drops everything and the most important thing in the world is saving that life,” says Williams.

Other stars soon came forward to support the campaign. Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne and Anna Friel all took part in a bid to increase awareness. “The quicker we move, the faster we can find cures and help people,” says Williams. “It makes perfect sense really.”

Stand Up To Cancer is a joint national fundraising campaign from Cancer Research UK and Channel 4 (

Run Benedict…. RUN!!!


Eyebrow games - Sherlock

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the secret to a great interview w/Benedict Cumberbatch make sure he has coffee (plus jet lag)

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